As a Summit we aim for the top. Not alone, but together with our client.

Retailers and wholesalers have increasingly higher demands. Requirements for product quality, innovation and volumes. That is why nine leading producers of large-flowered and mini gerberas have joined forces. As a grower association Summit Gerbera we achieve together what no individual grower can achieve. What do we want to achieve? That is clear: the top.

As a cooperation, we make it easier for retailers and wholesalers. The customer has access to a complete range in the gerbera segment via one counter. And complete is really complete at Summit Gerbera. We are the reliable and flexible supplier of gerberas in bulk order that can also supply wholesalers effectively. At the same time, we are the specialist who continuously surprises you with new varieties that bring movement to the shelf.

Thanks to our strength and expertise, we can also think along with you about sales in the workplace. We are therefore more than just a supplier. Summit Gerbera mainly sits at the table as a partner.

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