“We supply the right gerberas
for florists.”



Our selection is synonymous with quality. Only the best gerberas in our nursery pass the grade. Large-flowering gerberas that stand tall without stub wire, for as long as two weeks. Whether you opt for a single gerbera in a small vase or rather a large bunch, the effect is always stunning. Whatever your choice, De Zuidplas offers endless options for colours and quantities. We supply the right gerberas for florists. If you would like to see some samples, simply contact us without obligation.

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The gerbera is a versatile flower. A flower that set itself apart because of the great range of colours, shapes and sizes it comes in. It’s no wonder they are a favourite in bouquets. They work very well as a single-flower bouquet, and as part of a mixed arrangement with other flowers. They even steal the show as a single stem in a small vase. Because of their timeless character, gerberas always look on trend. Gerberas suit every interior style and any occasion. They are beautiful in a variety of bouquets, traditional or modern, and even shine when used in a flower parade! However the gerbera is presented, it always brings joy and colour. We hope to delight you with our beautiful collection and excellent quality. We prefer to work from your perspective to help you decide which colour best suits your bouquet.

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If you would like to see some samples, simply contact us without obligation.

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