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“The qualities of the individual growers come together within Summit Gerbera”

Zuidplas_Lianne_Foto1.jpg07 May “The growers of Summit Gerbera bring about a strong organisational structure. That is the strength of our cooperation”, says Lianne van Londen. She works at the marketing and sales unit of Summit ... full story

“The growers of Summit Gerbera show that working together pays off”

Zuidplas_Ruud_Foto1.jpg02 Apr “You’ll achieve more if you work together” , says Ruud Alsemgeest. He is accountmanager Retail at Summit Gerbera. This cooperation consists of 8 motivated gerbera growers. “As salesman, I notice ... full story

Summit Gerbera is a one stop shop for exporters

Zuidplas_onestop_Foto2.jpg26 Feb ‘The flowersector is very dynamic, every day is different”, says Thijs van der Wilk, Accountmanager Wholesale at Summit Gerbera. “I make daily visits to different auctions, meet customers and work... full story

Summit Gerbera: one platform for 270 different gerbera daisies

Zuidplas_Loket_Foto1.jpg12 Feb In 2019, 8 gerbera growers in Westland and Lansingerland joined forces. They had been working closely together for a couple of years and decided to form one organisation: Summit Gerbera. By ... full story

The new plants are in bloom again

Planten staan in bloei - Header31 Aug To maintain the high quality of our gerberas, all plants are changed every 3 to 4 years. This is a process that requires a lot of consideration. Each year we exchange a section of our plants. ... full story

Working with a team of colleagues from around the world

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog6Foto1.jpg17 Jul Colleagues from all corners of the globe work at Kwekerij de Zuidplas. As Juriaan says, ‘We employ people from the Netherlands, of course, but also from Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. This ... full story

Working on a team that works

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog5Foto1.jpg19 Jun Assembling a team that works well together is no easy task. Having an eye for the person behind the employee and being prepared to invest in his or her development are important factors that ... full story

The importance of a good team

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog4Foto1.jpg22 May In all honesty, running a successful business on your own is impossible. You need a good team. It is important that complex processes are performed in the correct way, every single day. For ... full story

An average working day at Kwekerij de Zuidplas

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog3Foto1.jpg24 Apr The nice thing about the average working day at Kwekerij de Zuidplas is that no two are ever the same. One thing is certain though: the day starts early. Entrepreneur and owner Juriaan starts the ... full story

Gerberas through the eyes of Wilco, our crop protector

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog2Foto1.jpg27 Mar Wilco is Kwekerij de Zuidplas’ crop protector. He works in the greenhouses where he studies insects that do good and harm. He prefers to use the good insects to combat the harmful ones in a ... full story

Meet the team of Kwekerij de Zuidplas

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog1Foto1.jpg28 Feb Kwekerij de Zuidplas is a family business. Relationships have therefore formed an integral part of the nursery right from the very start. Most of our employees stay with us for a very long time. ... full story

Overall development of the Zuidplas and Moerkapelle areas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_11.jpg10 Jan In the past, the agricultural sector was not exactly careful with fossil fuels, using them to power tractors and machines, as well as for heating and lighting greenhouses. Strict regulations and ... full story

Sustainable organisations are the future

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_7.jpg13 Dec A sustainable environment that will be an appealing place to live, work and relax in the future. That is what the Zuidplas area is working on. Assisted by modern technologies and developments, ... full story

Dealing responsibly with our nursery’s (waste) water

“Bewust omgaan met (afval)water binnen de kwekerij”  -1.jpg01 Nov The nursery’s waste water flow is extremely minimal and its waste water processes are constantly being optimised and made increasingly sustainable. Waste water used to be disposed of via the ... full story

Sustainable entrepreneurship is the future

duurzaam_ondernemen_is_de_toekomst2.jpg04 Oct Quality, service, and sustainability are indispensable elements of the overall production process within the horticultural chain. These core tenets shape the workplace, company policy, greenhouses... full story

The influence of regulations on business activities

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_2.jpg06 Sep Nurseries have to deal with very strict Dutch and European laws and regulations, for which they are audited every year. The sector is rapidly becoming more sustainable thanks to new technologies ... full story

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_1.jpg09 Aug Corporate social responsibility means that organisations want to take responsibility for social issues such as air pollution and climate change. From its very beginnings, De Zuidplas has focused ... full story

Residual waste is converted to energy to power greenhouses

“Restafval-omzetten-in-warmte-voor-de-kas”1.jpg12 Jul De Zuidplas will soon be receiving heat from the Botlek in addition to CO2. This heat will be stored in a large buffer tank on site. The Botlek’s hot waste water is usually fed into the sea, but ... full story

CO2 is sourced directly from the Botlek industrial region

“CO2-rechtstreeks-vanuit-de-Botlek”2.jpg14 Jun Nurseries are still associated with extreme pollution all too often, even though this notion has long since been outdated. New technologies and developments are rapidly increasing the ... full story

Total package for the modern-day customer

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_5.jpg17 May Nursery de Zuidplas sees clearly that today’s customers have a need for a transparent, complete package. Today, applications are made and processed differently than 10, or even 5 years ago. For ... full story

Process optimisation and chain cooperation

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_8.jpg19 Apr Comparing different suppliers is part and parcel of the natural interactions between buyers and sellers. Nursery de Zuidplas strives for an unambiguous, simplified process surrounding bouquets and... full story

Growing collective increases the sustainability levels of the Oostland area

“Groeiend-collectief-verduurzaamt-het-Oostland”1.jpg22 Mar De Zuidplas values sustainability very highly. By engaging in collaborations with initiatives and companies, as well as with growers in the area, we are able to create a tight-knit collective of ... full story

Sustainable, market-oriented and societally responsible entrepreneurship

“Duurzaam,-marktgericht-en-sociaal-ondernemen”1.jpg22 Feb Nurseries in the Netherlands are required to comply with a growing number of governmental regulations. The MPS Group helps horticulturalists realise their ambitions of working in ways that respect... full story

The origin of the gerbera

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_De-herkomst-van-de-gerbera_1.jpg29 Nov Gerberas originally come from exotic locations such as South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. It is a non-fragrant flower from the Asteraceae genus. There are about thirty different ... full story

The dynamic cultivation of gerberas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_De-dynamische-kweek-van-gerberas_2.jpg01 Nov In all our processes, we like to put our clients in the centre and are happy to supply total orders. We prepare our day-fresh gerberas for transport ourselves, including air freight; an operation ... full story

Tips and trends for the most beautiful gerberas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Tips-en-trends-voor-de-mooiste-gerberas_2.jpg04 Oct The gerbera is a versatile flower. This flower is striking because of its diversity of colour, shape and size. That is why they are often used in bouquets. Gerberas work well as mono bouquets, or ... full story

Innumerable gerberas of the best quality

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Ontelbaar-veel-gerberas-van-de-beste-kwaliteit_1.jpg06 Sep At Nursery De Zuidplas, we are capable of serving a large market in both small and large quantities. The latter is incredibly important to some of our clients, such as retailers. Instead of having... full story

Gerberas in all the colours of the rainbow

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Gerberas-in-alle-kleuren-van-de-regenboog_3.jpg09 Aug Nursery De Zuidplas offers gerberas in as many as seventy different colours, an exceptionally large number. Not only is this large number remarkable, but also the bi-coloured flowers can ... full story

Meet the team at Zuidplas, a family-run company

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Maak-kennis-met-het-team-van-de-Zuidplas,-een-familiebedrijf-met-oorsprong_2.jp12 Jul Nursery De Zuidplas is a family-run company. Our roots lie in our customer relationships, which are above all sustainable. We have known most of our clients for a long time. It is with good reason... full story
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