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The influence of regulations on business activities

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_2.jpg06 Sep Nurseries have to deal with very strict Dutch and European laws and regulations, for which they are audited every year. The sector is rapidly becoming more sustainable thanks to new technologies ... full story

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_1.jpg09 Aug Corporate social responsibility means that organisations want to take responsibility for social issues such as air pollution and climate change. From its very beginnings, De Zuidplas has focused ... full story

Residual waste is converted to energy to power greenhouses

“Restafval-omzetten-in-warmte-voor-de-kas”1.jpg12 Jul De Zuidplas will soon be receiving heat from the Botlek in addition to CO2. This heat will be stored in a large buffer tank on site. The Botlek’s hot waste water is usually fed into the sea, but ... full story

CO2 is sourced directly from the Botlek industrial region

“CO2-rechtstreeks-vanuit-de-Botlek”2.jpg14 Jun Nurseries are still associated with extreme pollution all too often, even though this notion has long since been outdated. New technologies and developments are rapidly increasing the ... full story

Total package for the modern-day customer

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_5.jpg17 May Nursery de Zuidplas sees clearly that today’s customers have a need for a transparent, complete package. Today, applications are made and processed differently than 10, or even 5 years ago. For ... full story

Process optimisation and chain cooperation

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_8.jpg19 Apr Comparing different suppliers is part and parcel of the natural interactions between buyers and sellers. Nursery de Zuidplas strives for an unambiguous, simplified process surrounding bouquets and... full story

Growing collective increases the sustainability levels of the Oostland area

“Groeiend-collectief-verduurzaamt-het-Oostland”1.jpg22 Mar De Zuidplas values sustainability very highly. By engaging in collaborations with initiatives and companies, as well as with growers in the area, we are able to create a tight-knit collective of ... full story

Sustainable, market-oriented and societally responsible entrepreneurship

“Duurzaam,-marktgericht-en-sociaal-ondernemen”1.jpg22 Feb Nurseries in the Netherlands are required to comply with a growing number of governmental regulations. The MPS Group helps horticulturalists realise their ambitions of working in ways that respect... full story

The origin of the gerbera

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_De-herkomst-van-de-gerbera_1.jpg29 Nov Gerberas originally come from exotic locations such as South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. It is a non-fragrant flower from the Asteraceae genus. There are about thirty different ... full story

The dynamic cultivation of gerberas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_De-dynamische-kweek-van-gerberas_2.jpg01 Nov In all our processes, we like to put our clients in the centre and are happy to supply total orders. We prepare our day-fresh gerberas for transport ourselves, including air freight; an operation ... full story

Tips and trends for the most beautiful gerberas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Tips-en-trends-voor-de-mooiste-gerberas_2.jpg04 Oct The gerbera is a versatile flower. This flower is striking because of its diversity of colour, shape and size. That is why they are often used in bouquets. Gerberas work well as mono bouquets, or ... full story

Innumerable gerberas of the best quality

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Ontelbaar-veel-gerberas-van-de-beste-kwaliteit_1.jpg06 Sep At Nursery De Zuidplas, we are capable of serving a large market in both small and large quantities. The latter is incredibly important to some of our clients, such as retailers. Instead of having... full story

Gerberas in all the colours of the rainbow

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Gerberas-in-alle-kleuren-van-de-regenboog_3.jpg09 Aug Nursery De Zuidplas offers gerberas in as many as seventy different colours, an exceptionally large number. Not only is this large number remarkable, but also the bi-coloured flowers can ... full story

Meet the team at Zuidplas, a family-run company

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Maak-kennis-met-het-team-van-de-Zuidplas,-een-familiebedrijf-met-oorsprong_2.jp12 Jul Nursery De Zuidplas is a family-run company. Our roots lie in our customer relationships, which are above all sustainable. We have known most of our clients for a long time. It is with good reason... full story
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