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Sustainable, market-oriented and societally responsible entrepreneurship

“Duurzaam,-marktgericht-en-sociaal-ondernemen”1.jpg22 Feb

Nurseries in the Netherlands are required to comply with a growing number of governmental regulations. The MPS Group helps horticulturalists realise their ambitions of working in ways that respect people and nature alike, and even provide environmental added value in the future. The group awards certificates that improve the visibility, measurability and demonstrability of quality and sustainability within the industry. De Zuidplas recognises the added value of (more) conscientious entrepreneurship.

Demonstrably sustainable business operations

The MPS-ABC certificate is a unique, worldwide standard and serves as a yardstick for measuring how environmentally friendly a company’s business operations are. There are three different levels of certificate: MPS-A, MPS-B, and MPS-C. MPS-A is the highest in terms of environmental friendliness. The certificate serves to make companies” environmental performance more transparent. It is the first step towards demonstrably more sustainable business operations. De Zuidplas is in possession of an MPS-A certificate.

In our business operations, we take care to consider our immediate surroundings, our employees and the environment.

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Requirements regarding traceability, safety and hygiene

The MPS-GAP certificate is intended specifically for companies that supply retailers. It includes requirements for companies” production with regards to traceability, environmental impact, safety and hygiene. In order to obtain an MPS-GAP certificate, you first have to obtain an MPS-ABC certificate; as such, MPS-GAP represents as an extension of sustainable business operations. The aspects that are audited before a company is awarded the MPS-GAP includes the equipment used and the company’s methods regarding pesticides/herbicides and fertilisers.

International code of conduct

Great working conditions play an important role for many vendors and consumers. They are becoming increasingly critical regarding horticultural growing methods and product origins. The MPS-Socially Qualified (MOS-SQ) certificate helps companies with proper insight and transparency into the societal aspects of their business operations, such as the number of in-house emergency response officers and who is in possession of spraying permits.

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