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Sustainable entrepreneurship is the future

duurzaam_ondernemen_is_de_toekomst2.jpg04 Oct

Quality, service, and sustainability are indispensable elements of the overall production process within the horticultural chain. These core tenets shape the workplace, company policy, greenhouses and transport. Circular and sustainable entrepreneurship are the future, including in our industry. This dedication to the environment and our surroundings is a leading factor in our company culture.

Reducing emissions

De Zuidplas is taking sustainable measures to ensure that we can grow high-quality gerberas all year round. Our modern greenhouses in the Oostland area ensure that the flowers are always lit and watered optimally. Sustainable entrepreneurship starts all the way on the bottom of the chain, with using as many non-chemical herbicides as possible and recycling waste water.

At the end of the line, a sustainable way of growing our flowers is more beneficial for all parties involved, from the employees to the suppliers and consumers. Moreover, it makes for future-proof entrepreneurship.

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Recognising and seizing opportunities

Due to modern technologies and developments, De Zuidplas is able to speed up its journey towards sustainability. Sustainable horticulture means clean, energy-efficient horticulture. In the forty years of our company’s existence, we have taken many steps towards achieving this aim, both large and small. Growing our flowers with as little environmental impact as possible is a challenge, but not an impossible one.


All of our employees work hard daily to care for our flowers and their all-important growing environment as best we can, in line with our vision for growing our flowers in an honest, responsible way, with as little environmental impact as possible. Sustainability is also about collaborating with other companies and institutions, such as Shell.

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