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Process optimisation and chain cooperation

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_8.jpg19 Apr

Comparing different suppliers is part and parcel of the natural interactions between buyers and sellers. Nursery de Zuidplas strives for an unambiguous, simplified process surrounding bouquets and flowers. Research costs customers a lot of time and effort, but it need not have to. By starting a collective and working together with other nurseries, De Zuidplas wants to achieve a new standard within the sector.

Cooperation is the answer to chain optimisation. In the future, customers will have 1 point of contact for ordering flowers and bouquets without compromising on quality.

Sustainable approach

De Zuidplas is currently working with several other regional nurseries. All requests are captured and streamlined by one, central location. Thanks to our own vision and method, we can respond optimally to customer needs. They see this as a positive, sustainable and transparent change. For nurseries, on the other hand, this approach even reduces costs.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

Customer-oriented approach

Customers benefit from a clear total package and the transparency offered by a single auction number. Nursery de Zuidplas has the ability to adapt and think differently. This method stands out within the sector and is particularly distinctive. Other nurseries can join the collective and enter into partnerships for increased sustainability.

Using entrepreneurial skills

The collective was started at the beginning of 2019 and expectations are high. This approach is supposed to lead to increased sales, improved communication and better working methods for everyone involved. First and foremost, all nurseries are also entrepreneurs. With this cooperation, we can crystallise our focus and strive for sustainability. All our entrepreneurial skills and capacity are fully utilised once again.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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