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The influence of regulations on business activities

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_2.jpg06 Sep

Nurseries have to deal with very strict Dutch and European laws and regulations, for which they are audited every year. The sector is rapidly becoming more sustainable thanks to new technologies and developments. De Zuidplas emphasises the influence and effect of a better living environment inside and outside the greenhouses. Customers are becoming increasingly aware and are consciously opting to buy products grown with respect for people and the environment.

Nursery de Zuidplas has implemented sustainable measures to ensure that it can grow high-quality gerberas all year long.

The objectives of Nursery de Zuidplas

A few rules that Zuidplas strives to meet include minimising harmful effects on the environment and protecting nature, reducing the use of pesticides, taking a more targeted approach to using natural resources and promoting a responsible attitude towards employee safety – and this applies to the entire collective.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

Changing business model

Ultimately, sustainable growing is more profitable for everyone involved: from employees and suppliers to consumers. It also means taking a future-proof approach to business and adopting a business model subject to constant change. This is why the growers’ collective was founded, consisting of Westland-based growers such as Nursery de Zuidplas.

Measures against environmental pollution

Today’s growers aim to save water, seek to use fewer chemicals and think carefully about investing in sustainable equipment and ensuring good working conditions. On top of pure carbon dioxide, Nursery de Zuidplas hopes it will soon also start receiving heat from the Botlek area. These developments will contribute to a better environment and enhance the reputation of the floriculture sector.

Sustainable solutions

Quality, service and sustainability are essential elements in the chain’s overall production process. These key elements are reflected in the workplace, in company policy, in the greenhouses and in the new collective under the name Summit Gerbera. Companies are constantly looking for new, sustainable solutions and improvements to reach energy neutrality, and the same applies to our sector.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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