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Sustainable organisations are the future

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_7.jpg13 Dec

A sustainable environment that will be an appealing place to live, work and relax in the future. That is what the Zuidplas area is working on. Assisted by modern technologies and developments, Nursery de Zuidplas can speed up the road to sustainability. With the recently founded cooperation, however, a collective contribution can now be made. Together, will strive to identify solutions, thinking not in terms of problems, but challenges and opportunities.

No one in the industry can escape the strict laws and regulations imposed by the Dutch government and Europe. Nursery de Zuidplas sees these regulations as a positive development.

Remaining relevant

Nursery de Zuidplas is an established, modern and dynamic family business, dedicated to growing large-flowered gerberas in 70 different colours. As a grower and entrepreneur, you face quite a few rules and challenges, but by starting a collective, implementing sustainable resources and entering into various partnerships De Zuidplas can stay up to date and relevant.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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In a sector based on living products, it is very important for customers to be able to trust the supplier. Growers are aware of this and set up a cooperation in early 2019. Certified growers make the difference, particularly now they have linked up with other professional, sustainable growers from the same region.

Innovative business model

Nursery de Zuidplas has implemented all conceivable energy-saving measures on its site and in its greenhouses, naturally with an emphasis on a pleasant atmosphere and good working conditions. Europe, with the Netherlands at the forefront, is playing a leading role in the sustainable development of agriculture. With its innovative business model, De Zuidplas is also ahead of the curve.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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