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Overall development of the Zuidplas and Moerkapelle areas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Duurzaam_Blog_11.jpg10 Jan

In the past, the agricultural sector was not exactly careful with fossil fuels, using them to power tractors and machines, as well as for heating and lighting greenhouses. Strict regulations and increased awareness among suppliers and customers now have a positive influence on requirements for the nursery site and the greenhouses themselves. All business processes take into account the surrounding area, employees and the environment.

Organisations will have to take more responsibility and implement changes. Optimising and making the business processes sustainable is the first step.

De Zuidplas’ right to exist

For Nursery de Zuidplas, sustainability is paramount. Partnering up with initiatives and companies, as well as other local growers, has led to a close-knit sustainable collective. Over a period of forty years, the family business has been investing in sustainable technology and solutions in order to secure its right to exist.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

Win-win situation

De Zuidplas’ approach to business has been in development for over 40 years and is constantly tweaked to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Buying bouquets and flowers in any quantity directly from a nursery has been made easy by the collective established in De Zuidplas, constituting a form of sustainability and transparency towards customers. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

A time of investments

In 2000, a total of 15 crops were grown at Nursery de Zuidplas. By now, however, we grow 70 different crops in our sustainable, future-proof nursery. The capital is located right in the middle of the workplace, with the right materials, professionals and machines. We are now recouping all the investments we have made in recent years.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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