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Working on a team that works

DeZuidplas_Thema4_Blog5Foto1.jpg19 Jun

Assembling a team that works well together is no easy task. Having an eye for the person behind the employee and being prepared to invest in his or her development are important factors that contribute to good working relationships. And not only that; investing in good personal contact and in a basis of trust, instead of strict rules, is just as important.

Look, listen, know

Entrepreneur Juriaan likes to look at the person behind the employee. First impressions are important, as is his or her approach in practice. ‘It's about what someone can do. Qualifications count, of course, but in the end it comes down to realising your own potential in a dynamic working environment. In practice, things are very fast moving and you can't educate people for that. And that’s also something you have to love. I find growing an interesting business. It involves various parties, each with their own wishes. Responding to this means that no two working days are the same. It remains a challenge.’


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Recruiting personnel

Juriaan is looking for new colleagues, initially by keeping his eyes and ears open and knowing who is looking for work. They are then contacted to get acquainted. Personal development can also take place within the company, for example by attending courses. ‘We are happy to facilitate that,’ says Juriaan. ‘I see a working relationship as being about give and take. And that's based on trust.’

‘We took quite a large number of people on our team outing. It makes me proud to see that level of engagement. And it's also very enjoyable, of course.’

Learning to grow

An existing team should always give a warm welcome to newcomers. For this reason, there are designated people at both Kwekerij de Zuidplas locations to introduce new colleagues and explain the ins and outs of the business. To give relationships between colleagues a pleasant boost, Juriaan organises an annual company outing for his employees, including their guests. ‘We once went to Snowworld and we also did a Duck rally through the polder. On days like those, we form quite a large group of people. It makes me proud to see that level of engagement. And it's also very enjoyable, of course.’

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