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Summit Gerbera is a one stop shop for exporters

Zuidplas_onestop_Foto2.jpg26 Feb

‘The flowersector is very dynamic, every day is different”, says Thijs van der Wilk, Accountmanager Wholesale at Summit Gerbera. “I make daily visits to different auctions, meet customers and work very hard to sell all gerbera daisies. That makes my work challenging and versatile.”

User friendly webshop

Summit Gerbera was founded by 8 nurseries on 1 january 2019. Now they grow flowers and sell them under the same name. Even though Summit Gerbera hasn’t existed for very long, Thijs notices the name is well known under lots of exporters. “They recognize our joint logo and like the fact that they can buy hundreds of different gerbera daisies from one platform. We are a one-stop-shop to them.”

The innovative webshop has proven to be very pleasant for exporters. Thijs: “We linked our webshop to the webshops of our customers and adjusted our product range specifically to each customer. This way, our customers only see the products they wish to buy. This is very user friendly, they are very pleased to use this system.”


''Exporters like the fact that they can go to one place for hundreds of different gerberas.''

An upward trend

Thijs makes sure the customers are able to access the webshop and answers all their questions. Furthermore, he keeps in touch with the exporters of wholesalers and approaches new customers. Thijs learns a lot about the market trends and developments and learns about new sales opportunities at the auctions of Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. “I keep my eyes and ears wide open and share my findings with the team. We meet every two weeks to discuss the sales figures. It’s going very well, there is a clear upward trend in the number of sales from the webshop.

Ready for the future

In addition to the positive developments within sales, Summit Gerbera has made a huge improvement in terms of digitisation. Starting 1 april 2021, all transactions of Royal Flora Holland will be handled digitally. Thijs supports the IT-team and helps the customers linking to the digital platform for floriculture, Floriday. “We are now working on the finishing touches, so the work is almost completed. We are ready for the future.”

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