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“The growers of Summit Gerbera show that working together pays off”

Zuidplas_Ruud_Foto1.jpg02 Apr

“You’ll achieve more if you work together” , says Ruud Alsemgeest. He is accountmanager Retail at Summit Gerbera. This cooperation consists of 8 motivated gerbera growers. “As salesman, I notice that we have more success at bringing in bigger orders. The gerbera growers show that working together pays off.”

Purchasing from one Nursery

Summit gerbera was founded in 2019, but most growers, especially the large flowering gerbera growers, were already working together. The cooperation has a long history in which the nurseries slowly grew together. The creation of Summit Gerbera happened quite naturally, but turned out to be a necessity. Ruud: “The amount of purchasers has declined, so they would benefit more from having one place to buy all their gerbera’s at once, instead of buying at 8 different nurseries. That’s why we established our common webshop. By using our webshop, we can offer a wider variety and larger quantities.”


He also notices that Summit Gerbera has a better brand recognition thanks to their common logo and house style on their packaging. “Our exposure is way bigger. Regarding our packaging, we are able to offer way more variety than before. We provide the gerbera daisies in any desired packaging. Whether it be in cardboard boxes, buckets or other packaging.

“The gerbera growers show that working together pays off.”

More ambitions

The launch of the webshop and the common brand are huge milestones, but Summit Gerbera has even more ambitions. For example, we created study groups in which growers inspire each other by sharing their experiences and knowledge. They also think about upcoming projects. This way we try to improve the quality of our gerbera daisies even more. “To realise all these plans, we have to cooperate even more with each other. The mutual trust between the growers keeps on growing. We can move forward even more.”

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