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Gerberas in all the colours of the rainbow

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Gerberas-in-alle-kleuren-van-de-regenboog_3.jpg09 Aug

Nursery De Zuidplas offers gerberas in as many as seventy different colours, an exceptionally large number. Not only is this large number remarkable, but also the bi-coloured flowers can justifiably be described as special. These gerberas come in blends of red and white, pink and white, or orange and yellow. Given the international character of the floricultural market, we cater for the various preferences of different countries.

Cultural differences and preferences

These cultural differences in taste are an aspect that nurseryman Juriaan particularly enjoys. Including the associated visits overseas. The favourite colours? Juriaan: “The most popular colours in the Netherlands are pastel pink, cream and purple. Those colours are also my personal favourites for bouquets.”

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From England to Germany, Scandinavia and France

The nursery supplies gerberas in all colours within a 2,000-kilometre radius within Europe. In addition, we also supply to Russia and America. We notice that every country has its own preferences. Juriaan: “In England, our buyers usually opt for pink and purple. In Germany, they tend to go more for orange and red. Our northern neighbours, the Scandinavians, often prefer red and pink, although their preferences can vary somewhat from time to time. Yellow and pink are firm favourites in romantic France. The preferences reflect the culture, which is a fascinating aspect for growers.”


“A slight variation in colour can make a huge difference. Because it determines whether that one red rose matches that one red gerbera.”

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Gerberas suit any bouquet perfectly

The reason why Nursery De Zuidplas offers so many colours is because the gerbera is a bouquet flower. A versatile flower that also works well with other flowers. However, a slight variation in colour can make a huge difference. Because that variation determines whether that one red rose matches that one red gerbera. “We enjoy offering input for our clients in this respect. To offer inspiration and explore what colour suits a bouquet of flowers best. Clients can always request samples.”

Different colours in the same flower

With a wide range of basic colours such as white, red, yellow, purple, orange and cream, gerberas always work well in a bouquet. In addition, there are the special bi-coloured flowers, and each colour comes in a full spectrum. Then you still have the beautiful heart in green or black. However, according to Juriaan no new colours have been added recently. “But the existing colours are expanding in the form of lighter or darker shades. For example, multiple shades of purple.”

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