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Innumerable gerberas of the best quality

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Ontelbaar-veel-gerberas-van-de-beste-kwaliteit_1.jpg06 Sep

At Nursery De Zuidplas, we are capable of serving a large market in both small and large quantities. The latter is incredibly important to some of our clients, such as retailers. Instead of having to place orders with six different growers, they can simply place a single order with us which results in less administration and saves time and money. A perfect example of the way in which we take away the worries of our clients.

A service with cost-saving benefits

Not only are these total orders of interest to retailers, but exporters also benefit. As it happens, we prepare our gerberas for transport immediately, including air freight. A service with cost-saving benefits. We like to work efficiently. And we think in terms of solutions that can help. For example, we consider whether it is useful to transport the gerberas in a specific cart, or whether more flowers would fit in a different bucket. The possibilities are often endless. Clients are always welcome to ask us for advice or ideas for inspiration.


We supply gigantic quantities regularly, for example, hundreds of thousands of gerberas, in addition to daily deliveries of around 30,000 to 50,000 flowers.”

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Gigantic quantities

“My brother Leen looks after long-term sales. In our case, these are the larger players in England, who deliver ready-made bouquets to the luxury supermarket chains. This concerns gigantic quantities. For example, hundreds of thousands of gerberas in bulk, in addition to daily deliveries of around 30,000 to 50,000 flowers to other clients”, Juriaan explains.

Harvesting of day-fresh gerberas

He explains the process: “We receive the orders for the day in the morning. We then arrange day-fresh harvesting of gerberas. The auction starts at 6 o’clock; we then have until 1 o’clock to deliver the flowers. This concerns approximately 30,000 to 50,000 gerberas every day. We harvest, process, package and transport five days a week. Quite a logistical feat. We approach this challenge with the greatest of devotion. We simply make sure we succeed. That is what makes the work so enjoyable; no two days are the same.”

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