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Tips and trends for the most beautiful gerberas

Kwekerij-de-Zuidplas_Tips-en-trends-voor-de-mooiste-gerberas_2.jpg04 Oct

The gerbera is a versatile flower. This flower is striking because of its diversity of colour, shape and size. That is why they are often used in bouquets. Gerberas work well as mono bouquets, or conversely, in mixed bouquets with other flowers. A single gerbera in a small vase also looks attractive. They are loved for their timeless character. That is why florists enjoy using them, as it happens, gerberas can easily be incorporated into the latest trends. For that reason, gerberas are suitable for any interior or any event. We explain more about caring for gerberas.

Gerberas in the widest variety of bouquets

We often receive feedback that our gerberas work well in the widest variety of bouquets, whether classic or modern in style. We recently received a photo from one of our clients, which showed our gerberas being used in a flower parade! A fantastic sight. And proof of the colourful and cheerful character of gerberas.


Some of our clients are surprised they need not use wire with our gerberas.”

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Firm flowers, no wire needed

In addition to these characteristics, it is important to us that our gerberas are of excellent quality. Something that sometimes surprises our clients is that you need not use wire with our flowers. Our large-flowered gerberas retain their firmness without the use of wire! However, we note that the wire issue can sometimes still be a snag. Gerberas have a reputation as a somewhat challenging flower, specifically because of this wire. But that is not necessary with our flowers.

Tips and tricks for caring for gerberas

We guarantee a vase life of at least two weeks. We also guarantee the flower will retain its beautiful colour, whichever of the seventy options you choose. We put heart and soul into our work every day, so that only the best gerberas leave our greenhouse. A number of tips for making gerberas last. Always cut off the stem of the flowers diagonally. That way, you remove any debris and open the veins. This enables the flowers to absorb more water. Place the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water. Use lukewarm tap water, with plant food if desired. No plant food in the house? Add a little drop of chlorine to the water. Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight or in a draught. They do generally not respond well to stark fluctuations in temperature. Do not place them too close to fruit either. The gases released by fruit speed up the ageing process.

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