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Growing collective increases the sustainability levels of the Oostland area

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De Zuidplas values sustainability very highly. By engaging in collaborations with initiatives and companies, as well as with growers in the area, we are able to create a tight-knit collective of sustainable entrepreneurship. Sustainable growing is about more than just environmentally friendly growing; it also has to do with societally and employee-oriented entrepreneurship. Our nursery maintains a healthy balance between societally and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship.

Sustainable growing and selling

Sustainable, responsible entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly important factor in many industries. The horticultural industry too is raising the bar when it comes to sustainability, partly due to new legislation and regulations, and partly due to necessity. Horticulturalists these days are more careful about their water usage, use fewer chemicals, and consider aspects such as sustainable materials and proper working conditions.

Contributing to a better environment and living space for both plants and humans through clever partnerships, tools and innovations.

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Euro 6 engine

Sustainable entrepreneurship is also important with regards to mobility. The European Emission Standards apply to all vehicles with the EU. These vehicles are subject to increasingly strict regulations regarding harmful exhaust emissions. Engines bearing the Euro 6 label produce 80% less nitrogen emissions. That is why De Zuidplas has invested in these cleaner engines.

Taking responsibility

The current focus on sustainability is here to stay, and pertains to all industries. Organisations will have to continue to take more responsibility and implement changes. One of the first steps in this process is optimising and improving the sustainability levels of their business operations. However, De Zuidplas takes things one step further through clever partnerships and innovative solutions.

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