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Residual waste is converted to energy to power greenhouses

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De Zuidplas will soon be receiving heat from the Botlek in addition to CO2. This heat will be stored in a large buffer tank on site. The Botlek’s hot waste water is usually fed into the sea, but this will soon be changing. Nurseries such as De Zuidplas are forming a collective to provide the industrial sector with a new destination for its residual heat, namely the greenhouses in the Westland and Oostland area.

Reciprocal relationship with industrial sector

The Dutch climate is very changeable. Sometimes, our greenhouses are heated using stored heat units, but this past summer, that has not been necessary. This excess heat is just like the excess CO2 from the Botlek industrial region. A pipeline will soon be installed, enabling said heat to be transported from A to B easily, creating a reciprocal relationship between the industrial sector and the horticultural sector.

The Botlek’s residual heat will soon be stored by a number of active companies in various horticultural regions in the Netherlands.

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Dutch climate

Implementing and profiting from new ideas together, without a harmful impact on the environment! Factories almost always have residual heat leftover. Currently, said heat is already being used to heat residential homes in the province of Zuid Holland via the so-called Heat Roundabout, fuelled by heat from the Rotterdam harbour and industrial areas. Soon, De Zuidplas nursery too will start profiting from heat sourced from the Botlek industrial region.

Energy savings

The lamps in our greenhouses do not always need to be turned on, especially during summer. The resulting stored heat can be used at different times of year or be transported back to industrial areas. If too much heat is generated during the daytime, it can be stored and added back into the greenhouse at night to ensure an optimal production rate. Our industry too is constantly looking for new, sustainable solutions and improvements in the quest towards achieving energy-neutral entrepreneurship.

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