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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility means that organisations want to take responsibility for social issues such as air pollution and climate change. From its very beginnings, De Zuidplas has focused on optimising and improving processes, driven by regulations and standards. CSR influences a company’s surroundings, people, methods and the environment. De Zuidplas is constantly developing and always responds to the latest developments.

Contributing ideas together and profiting together, without damaging the environment. The new collective increases awareness of sustainability and social responsibility.

Focus on the environment

De Zuidplas’ approach to business has been in development for over 40 years and is constantly tweaked to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Collecting carbon dioxide from residual waste, using biological pesticides and reusing water. Sustainable horticulture means more than just being environmentally friendly: it means doing business with a focus on society and our employees.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

Sustainable end product

Quality, service and sustainability are essential elements in the chain’s overall production process. These foundational aspects also return in the collective and how we collaborate with other nurseries. This means that our purchasing, production and sales are all sustainable. We have a high-quality end product that meets all industry requirements and standards.

Entrepreneurs in the sector

Society is changing constantly and consumers always expect more, different things from companies, not just in terms of how they work, but also with regard to how they produce and how they treat the environment. Within the collective, we discuss, test and implement new ideas to inspire each other as growers and entrepreneurs and to attract and optimise partnerships.

Questions about our corporate social responsibility?

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