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The new plants are in bloom again

Planten staan in bloei - Header31 aug

To maintain the high quality of our gerberas, all plants are changed every 3 to 4 years. This is a process that requires a lot of consideration. Each year we exchange a section of our plants. We’re replanting 80.000 gerberas this year. The pot, the plant and the spike are all replaced by hand.

Planten staan in bloei - foto2

In addition to our regular range, a few trial varieties have also been placed. We will keep a close eye on them in the coming period. We look at the ratio, length and size of the flower, among other things. Only the best gerberas pass our inspection. They are taken to the lab for further development and are later included in the range. This is a process that can often take years!

Planten staan in bloei - foto3

Gerberas from Nursery de Zuidplas are grown within the perfect conditions and harvested at the optimal time. After potting, the flowers are ready for cutting after about 8 weeks.

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