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“The qualities of the individual growers come together within Summit Gerbera”

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“The growers of Summit Gerbera bring about a strong organisational structure. That is the strength of our cooperation”, says Lianne van Londen. She works at the marketing and sales unit of Summit Gerbera and works on the strategy, digitization and supporting the workgroup. She is the link between de growers, salesmen and customers.

“The growers each have their unique qualities. For example, one grower specializes in sales and the other grower specializes in sustainability. We have created a great collaboration by using all these qualities and combining them”, she says.

“Reaching the top together.”

This past year we have worked very hard to get everybody on the same page. Lianne: “Together we examined what Summit Gerbera stands for, how we want to position ourselves in the market and what our brand image should be. That is reflected by our logo. It is a clean, stylish logo in the shape of a mountain. We want to reach the top together and this symbolises our journey to the top.”


The top comes closer with each step, but the growers also need to sacrifice a bit of their own identity. Lianne guides this process carefully. “We explain every step in detail and involve all the parties. This is the only way to achieve enough support.”

Workgroups and study groups

The growers within Summit Gerbera form workgroups together. For example, there are workgroups for quality, sales, marketing, finance and digitization. Projects are realised together, like digitizing all the transactions of the webshop. There are also multiple workgroups where growers work on the plans for the future of Summit Gerbera.

“I like the fact that our cooperation is diverse. We do lots of brainstorming sessions and everybody has their own role. But above all, we grow the most beautiful gerbera daisies. That’s what it’s all about.” says Lianne.

Lianne works together with Ruud Alsemgeest (accountmanager retail) and Thijs van der Wilk (accountmanager wholesale). Recently they have also been interviewed about their activities for Summit Gerbera. You can find these interviews on the website.

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