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Meet the team at Zuidplas, a family-run company

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Nursery De Zuidplas is a family-run company. Our roots lie in our customer relationships, which are above all sustainable. We have known most of our clients for a long time. It is with good reason that we describe ourselves as client-oriented; we go one step further. Our clients know they can rely on us and on our gerberas, whether they order large or small quantities. We do everything to fulfil your order, whatever it takes.

From cucumbers to gerberas

Juriaan is the third generation of nurserymen involved in the family business. He explains the origin of the nursery: “Our grandfather started the company with the production of cucumbers and livestock. In 1979, his son – our father Johan – decided to change direction. He quit the livestock first. He later decided to cultivate large-flowered gerberas instead of cucumbers. Later still, my brother Leen and I joined the family business.”

On the shop floor with the family

Nowadays, you will find father Johan, as well as his sons Leen and Juriaan, on the shop floor. Along with about fifteen other colleagues. These are the permanent employees. This number triples at the start of the gerbera season. That is the period from early March to the end of September. Juriaan: “The seasonal workers help us with greenhouse production. Our modern greenhouses provide the right lighting and moisture levels. This is how we are able to produce high-quality gerberas all year round. We grow the colourful gerberas on an area of more than six hectares.”


You must enjoy acting quickly. Working in a dynamic environment is second nature to us.”

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Cultivating gerberas is enjoyable and relatively easy

“Cultivating gerberas is enjoyable and relatively easy. You work in a cheerful, colourful environment and you do not have to deal with thorns as is the case with roses.” Juriaan explains that after completing his studies in 2008, he was presented with a choice: to do something else, or to join the family business. He opted for the latter. Juriaan about his choice: “Cultivation is an interesting business. You deal with many parties, each with their own requirements. Responding to these needs means no two days are the same. It is always a challenge. It is with good reason that we say Nursery De Zuidplas operates in a dynamic environment. The ability to act quickly is something you must enjoy. That dynamism is second nature to us.”

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