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The dynamic cultivation of gerberas

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In all our processes, we like to put our clients in the centre and are happy to supply total orders. We prepare our day-fresh gerberas for transport ourselves, including air freight; an operation that has a cost-saving effect. Our focus on efficiency also saves money, while we still focus on a tailor-made basis. We are accustomed to adopting a solutions-oriented approach.

The best solution

We go for whichever solution is best for our clients. Our client base is very diverse. Some of them prefer large quantities, while others favour small numbers. It is worth bearing this in mind, so that we can respond as appropriate. By adopting a flexible approach, ultimately everyone is satisfied. Both the client, because the order is exactly as they had hoped, as well as us because we have another satisfied client.

Being able to act quickly is important

We are capable of acting quickly. You can order from us directly, even day-fresh orders. We ensure we succeed in fulfilling the order. Even if this approach means having to be creative at times. We, therefore, collaborate with other growers from the area in terms of our logistics operations. We coordinate trucks to transport our flowers. It is quite a feat to coordinate everything efficiently, not to mention getting the flowers to the auction on time. We always regard this as a welcome challenge.

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A dynamic working environment

Working at Nursery De Zuidplas is dynamic as it is. Our day starts early in the morning, the same time the auction starts at 6 a.m. Our day only finishes once the last order has been dispatched. We produce gerberas all year round. That is possible thanks to our modern greenhouses, which provide the right lighting and moisture levels for the flowers. We thus create the ideal conditions for the flowers to thrive beautifully, with high-quality large-flowered gerberas as a result. Only the best gerberas leave our greenhouse. In addition, we use natural pesticides as far as possible. That is our preferred way of working: sustainably.

We manage the whole process, from harvesting to processing, packing, dispatch and delivery. A logistical challenge we are happy to take on.”

The whole process from harvesting to dispatch

We manage the whole process, from harvesting to processing, packing, dispatch and delivery. A considerable logistical challenge we are happy to take on. With success and a great deal of satisfaction, for three generations already. Ordering gerberas from Nursery De Zuidplas means guaranteed delivery. We do our utmost, whatever it takes. With enduring relationships as a result. And we are proud of that.

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