Production concept & our gerberas 

An extensive range of large-flowered gerberas, spiders, and pastinis of the highest quality. Flowers in beautiful colours and with strong stems that continue to stand tall on their own for up to two whole weeks. That is what you can expect from us. And that is what we deliver, day in day out. We grow these flowers using state-of-the-art methods as sustainably as possible. 

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Our gerberas 

Whatever bouquet you want to put together. In our enormous range there is always a gerbera that suits it. Is that a one- or two-color variant? A bright or soft-colored flower? With a black or a green heart? With smooth, pointed or curled petals? We are happy to help you find the gerbera that suits your target group and bouquet.

Our greenhouse


We invest a lot in making our greenhouses more sustainable so that we can grow our beautiful gerberas in a sustainable and efficient way. Curious about our approach?

About us

De Zuidplas nursery is a family business that has been growing gerberas since 1979. Quality and service have played an important role from the very beginning. Thanks to our expertise and experience and our ambition to be successful with the support of our customers, we have become who we are today: a reliable partner for florists, retailers, wholesalers, and exporters in the Netherlands and abroad. But we always want to go even further. Not only in terms of quality and service, but certainly also in terms of sustainability. We never stop developing. 

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