About us

An extensive product range, top-quality flowers, and an outstanding service. This characterizes our family business and is evident from everything we do. From the perfect match of always finding the right gerbera for your customer and bouquet. From the two weeks that the flower continues to stand tall without the need for stub wire. And from the committed partner who is happy to help you achieve the best results. 

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Working on optimization together

At De Zuidplas nursery, we consider it important to actively brainstorm with you to achieve the best possible results and this is something we enjoy doing. Is there anything we can do to improve loading and transport and make them more efficient? Could we modify the packaging to maintain quality for even longer? What can we do to limit handling costs and risks? Do we see ways that you can improve your purchasing practices? What trends do we see in the market and how can you respond to these with certain varieties and colours of flowers? We like to inspire you with ideas and offer samples for you to try things out. Together, we can achieve the best solutions.

Our history

Mr Weerheim, our grandfather, started out as a vegetable grower. In 1979, his son and our father, Johan Weerheim, decided to start growing colourful large-flowering gerberas. His choice set growth into motion. In time, we – Leen and Juriaan Weerheim – also joined the family business. Because of this growth and the increasing complexity of the business, we invited our business manager Rik Paul to join our management board. Together, we now grow colourful gerberas sustainably in our six-hectare greenhouse under optimum conditions. We supply them to exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and florists within a 2,000-km radius of our company.

Our future

We don’t just look at today; we also look at tomorrow. Not just for ourselves, but also for the world around us. That is why sustainability is an important aspect of our business operations. At De Zuidplas nursery, we try to reduce our footprint as much as possible. We embrace and implement sustainable methods and optimize possibilities for reusing raw materials.

Working at De Zuidplas nursery

Working at De Zuidplas means working in an interesting and dynamic environment. The day starts early in the morning, when the auction begins, and ends when the last fresh order goes out the door. Together with your colleagues, you will help grow the most beautiful gerberas year-round. And you will do so sustainably in a modern greenhouse that is always filled with colour.

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