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The extensive selection of large-flowering gerberas in as many as 70 different colours is not the only distinguishing feature of nursery De Zuidplas. Quality and service are essential ingredients that go hand in hand, too. Resulting in the right gerbera variety of the best quality that can hold its own in any bouquet. Without stub wire. Our customer focus lies in the extra effort we put in all the time. We anticipate your requirements and will always try to take costly work off your hands. It is easy to buy gerberas from our nursery, whether the quantities are large or small.

Mr. Weerheim, our grandfather, once started out as a vegetable grower. In 1979, his son and our father Johan decided to start growing colourful large-flowering gerberas. His choice set growth into motion. In time, we - Leen and Juriaan Weerheim - also joined the family business. Nowadays, we grow colourful gerberas across more than six hectares.


Working at De Zuidplas means working in a dynamic environment. The day starts early, when the auction begins, and ends when the last fresh order has left the premises. We ensure that we can grow high-quality gerberas all year round. Our modern greenhouses enable the right light and moisture levels. We try to use natural pesticides as much as possible, as it protects the flowers.

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At De Zuidplas, we grow gerberas under the perfect conditions and harvest them at the best moment, always with care and attention.



Only the best gerberas pass our inspection. These are delivered fresh every day, whether the quantities are large or small.



We manage the entire process, from harvesting to processing, packaging and delivery. A substantial logistic challenge that we delight in taking on, and have been delivering on successfully and with relish for three generations.



When you order gerberas from De Zuidplas, delivery is guaranteed. We always go the distance to supply our gerberas. This has resulted in long-lasting business relationships; an achievement we are proud of.

Our customer focus lies in
the extra effort we put in all the time.”

Johan, Leen en Juriaan Weerheim


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