Versatile and timeless

The gerbera is a versatile flower. A flower that is characterized by its variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. It’s no wonder that they are a favourite in bouquets. They work very well as a single-flower bouquet and as part of a mixed arrangement with other flowers. They even steal the show as a single stem in a small vase. Because of their timeless character, gerberas always look on trend. 

Product range

Our product range is extensive and in line with market trends. Quality always comes first. Only the very best gerberas leave our greenhouse: large-flowering gerberas that stand tall without stub wire, for as long as two whole weeks. Whether you opt for a single gerbera in a small vase or prefer a large bunch of flowers, our extensive product range has everything you are looking for.

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Scrollfoto gerbera

Direct orders

At De Zuidplas nursery, you are always assured of fresh flowers delivered daily. Orders placed before 6:00 AM are delivered at the auction at 1:00 PM and orders made before 12:00 PM will be there at 6:00 AM. 

Joy and colour

What is the right gerbera for your bouquet? We’ll help you find the answer. Whether you want gerberas for a classic or modern bouquet or even for a complete flower parade! The gerbera is always sure to bring joy and colour. We hope to delight you with our beautiful collection and excellent quality. We will gladly help you decide which colour best suits your bouquet and would be happy to send you samples for you to try out.

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