Fresh deliveries

At De Zuidplas nursery, you are always assured of fresh flowers delivered daily. For both small and large volumes and for your long-term and short-term orders. Orders placed before 6:00 AM are delivered at the auction at 1:00 PM and orders made before 12:00 PM will be there at 6:00 AM. 

How we work

De Zuidplas nursery’s gerberas are grown under perfect conditions and harvested at the right moment, always with care and attention. And with a watchful eye: only the very best gerberas will pass our strict inspections. After harvesting, the blooms are immediately placed in water and sorted. Thanks to our excellent internal logistics, you’ll receive the loveliest gerberas – in the right place and at the right time.

Foto man in kas met Gerbera's

Comprehensive service

We offer a comprehensive service, from packaging to transport, and help you think about optimization solutions, including in your store. Thanks to our comprehensive service, you can always be assured of the best results.

Large quantities, many colours

De Zuidplas nursery supplies the best gerberas, also in large quantities and in a variety of colours. Gerberas offer endless possibilities. Our wide range of colours and shades ensure that there is always a gerbera to complement your bouquet. And there is no need for stub wire. Gerberas from our nursery are sturdy flowers that stand proud and brighten up any room. They are sure to catch your eye in any bouquet.

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