Flower growers with the best Gerbera daisy: Summit Gerbera

Many buyers and retailers spend a lot of time buying Gerbera daisies from individual flower growers. They need to make sure that the gerbera daisy is of good quality and that the flower growers can deliver high enough volumes. The flower growers association Summit Gerbera offers a unique alternative to directly buy Gerbera daisies in large quantities and of premium quality. By working together we are able to reach what no individual grower can: the top.

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Flower growers association Summit Gerbera: who are we?

Flower growers association Summit Gerbera is a partnership between 9 prominent producers of large-flowered and mini gerbera daisies. Many of us noticed that there was still a gap between the wishes of retailers and wholesalers, and what individual growers could offer them. Therefore we have joined hands – as a cooperative we provide benefits to our buyers and to each other. Amongst ourselves we share knowledge in a variety of areas, from cultivation techniques to packaging and sustainability. This way we are not each other’s competitors but rather each other’s inspiration. We offer our customers top quality, a wide range of products, and a simple way to place orders via one platform. This way, buying a gerbera daisy immediately becomes much easier.

Due to our capacity and expertise we can also help retailers in thinking about sales on the shop floor. This way Summit Gerbera is not only a supplier, but also a partner.

Flower growers association Summit Gerbera: what are the advantages?

As a flower growers association we try to make things as easy as possible for our buyers. Through one portal you have direct access to our complete range of products. And with complete we really mean complete. You can choose from no less than 270 types of gerbera daisy. From large-flowered and mini gerbera daisies, to spiders, bulbous types and pastinis, we have them all in a variety of colours. You can order the entire collection – freshly cut – in large or small quantities. We will ensure a flexible and reliable delivery.

Next to these practical advantages we are also continuously innovating. Our growers exchange knowledge and expertise to ensure common quality of our products, while trying to make new improvements wherever they can. Sustainability is also a high priority for us. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to optimize and improve our processes, and contribute to solving problems such as air pollution and climate change. Besides, Summit Gerbera is also a frontrunner in biological flower growing.

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Gerbera daisy webportal

Buying gerbera daisies – it usually takes up a lot of time. Calling around to different flower growers to get enough of the product together. And then there might be large differences in quality between the different batches. Due to the collaboration between our flower growers these problems are now in the past. Summit Gerbera’s webportal offers a fast and easy way to buy gerbera daisies. You can simply select the products you want to order without having to contact individual growers. We ensure your order is delivered swiftly and safely.

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Are you interested in buying the gerbera daisy from Summit Gerbera? Request a free demo of our webportal through our contact form. This way you get access to our entire range of products. You can find the information for ordering by phone or email on our contact page as well. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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