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How convenient would it be if you could order all the varieties, colours, and quantities of gerberas that you need in one go, via a single point of contact? While also being assured of receiving high-quality products and without having to worry about whether deliveries are complete and on time? It would be great, wouldn’t it? And that’s why Summit exists. 

Summit is a cooperation of leading producers of large-flowering gerberas and mini gerberas. De Zuidplas nursery is also part of this cooperation. As a collective, we have joined forces to achieve what no individual grower can achieve on their own: the top. 

Our goal is to offer retailers and wholesalers a complete range in the gerbera segment and make the purchasing, transport, and handling process as simple and efficient as possible. Whether receiving orders for 1,000 or 500,000 flowers, Summit can deliver them without any problem. 

We not only cooperate with other growers to deliver a top-notch quality and service, but we also join forces with you to reach the very top. We will gladly help you optimize sales on your shop floor in our role as expert and discussion partner.

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