Large numbers & a wide variety

Gerbera Nursery De Zuidplas, for large quantities of gerberas in all colours

Nursery De Zuidplas offers gerberas in as many as seventy different colours. And this wide range of colours is available in large quantities. We deliver the best quality to our clients all over the world. Sturdy flowers that retain their shape without the use of any wire! We have always been a family-run business, and currently, the third generation is at the helm. We enjoy client relationships that are just as enduring.

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Meet the team at Zuidplas, a family-run company

Nursery De Zuidplas is a family-run company. Our roots lie in our customer relationships, which are above all sustainable. We have known most of our clients for a long time. It is with good reason that we describe ourselves as client-oriented; we go one step further. Our clients know they can rely on us and on our gerberas, whether they order large or small quantities. We do everything to fulfil your order, whatever it takes.

Gerberas in all the colours of the rainbow

Nursery De Zuidplas offers gerberas in as many as seventy different colours, an exceptionally large number. Not only is this large number remarkable, but also the bi-coloured flowers can justifiably be described as special. These gerberas come in blends of red and white, pink and white, or orange and yellow. Given the international character of the floricultural market, we cater for the various preferences of different countries.

Innumerable gerberas of the best quality

At Nursery De Zuidplas, we are capable of serving a large market in both small and large quantities. The latter is incredibly important to some of our clients, such as retailers. Instead of having to place orders with six different growers, they can simply place a single order with us which results in less administration and saves time and money. A perfect example of the way in which we take away the worries of our clients.

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Tips and trends for the most beautiful gerberas

The gerbera is a versatile flower. This flower is striking because of its diversity of colour, shape and size. That is why they are often used in bouquets. Gerberas work well in mono bouquets, or conversely, in mixed bouquets with other flowers. A single gerbera in a small vase also looks attractive. They are loved for their timeless character. That is why florists enjoy using them, as it happens, gerberas can easily be incorporated into the latest trends. For that reason, gerberas are suitable for any interior or for any event.

The dynamic cultivation of gerberas

In all our processes, we like to put our clients in the centre and are happy to supply total orders. We prepare our day-fresh gerberas for transport ourselves, including air freight; an operation that has a cost-saving effect. Our focus on efficiency also saves money, while we still focus on a tailor-made basis. We are accustomed to adopting a solutions-oriented approach.

The origin of the gerbera

Gerberas originally come from exotic locations such as South Africa, Asia, South America and Tasmania. It is a non-fragrant flower from the Asteraceae genus. There are about thirty different gerberas in the wild. The flower was discovered by Gronovius, a botanist from Leiden, in 1737. We are delighted to tell you more about the origin of the gerbera.

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