Sustainable and environmentally friendly 

‘Wow, do you really put such an effort into sustainability?’ We often hear this comment when people come to visit our greenhouse. It’s great, of course, but we really want everyone to know this about us. After all, it is an extremely important aspect of our business. You can therefore find a great deal of information about this on our website. 

Major steps forward

At De Zuidplas nursery, we believe it is important to grow our gerberas as sustainably as possible. We therefore invest in the latest sustainable methods and use raw materials and energy as efficiently as possible. As a result, we already use far less than in our early years, even though we now grow twenty times more flowers.

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But how much less is this and what does it mean for the environment? To make things clear, we are working hard to make our footprint visible. We will then be able to show what our impact is on the planet. 

MPS certification

The MPS Group – an organization that supports horticultural businesses worldwide in their ambition to improve sustainability – makes the sustainability and quality of companies measurable and demonstrable by issuing certificates. De Zuidplas nursery has been awarded the MPS-GAP certificate.

Sustainable initiatives

On our website, you can read about numerous initiatives regarding our sustainable business practices.
We have listed a few of them below: 

Using CO2 from the manufacturing industry

Our greenhouses use CO2 from the manufacturing industry that would otherwise cause harmful emissions. Our plants convert this into oxygen.

Reusing rainwater and wastewater

We use rainwater instead of drinking water. After it has been used as feed water, we recycle it and use it again.

Heat storage

We store excess heat in a water buffer, so that we can use it when temperatures drop. 

Green energy

With 700 solar panels, we generate enough energy for all our machines, pumps, and computers.

Closed climate system

Thanks to our DryGair system, we can keep humidity and temperatures at optimum levels even on cold days. 

Biological control

We combat diseases, fungi, and pests as organically as possible, with minimum use of chemical pesticides.

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